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About Me


Preston Ellis is a passionate and expressive voice talent with 15 years of experience in voice-overs, hosting, narration, Broadway and television. In his time at every level, Preston learned the value and studied the skill of delivering the specific performance clients need to help their products shine. 

His time on stage on Broadway, Lincoln Center, the Tony Awards gave him key insight on how to give an expressive, exciting, emotional, charming and commanding performance. Preston's time on NBC, CNN and Comedy Central taught him to be honest, real, sincere and at times, goofy. Finally, time spent in radio for the New Orleans Pelicans and Orlando Magic taught him to be warm, professional, polished and consistent. 

Whether you’re looking for a youthful, fun animated performance or an honest, genuine, professional tone, Preston has the versatility and the dedication to deliver the performance clients seek and listeners enjoy.

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