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Push Button Talent Demo - PrestonPreston Ellis
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My Services

  • I offer a full range of voice-over services and can connect in any way required.

  • Equipment includes an AT4040 microphone, Centrance Micport Pro and professionally designed studio.

  • Whether you are seeking a guy next door, a dramtic, expressive voice, booming movie trailer sound or just a clean cut, professional read, I'm your guy! I love creating and it is a point of pride that every single one of my clients walk away beaming!

Words from Happy Clients!

"Preston has a natural ability to bring our spots to life. Whether as a character role or announcer, he finds a way to nail it every time."

- Cross Button Productions Owner, Jon Ruhff

"FANTASTIC WORK!! :) Everything turned out amazing for this project, and everyone involved couldn't be happier." - Cole Pearson (


"SUPER JOB!" - Jordan Blake (

Always such a pleasure to work with you :) 

"Preston had such a fast turnaround time, he is very professional and I will absolutely work with him again!" - Cap Gemini

"It was our first time working with Preston Ellis on our Halloween game, and we really enjoyed it! All directions were very well taken, the files quality was great, communication is easy and friendly. Hope to work again in future!" - Domini Games

"High quality, fast delivery, good communication. Keep it up!" - Elephant Games

"Super speedy and high quality." - WP Brand Studio

"Preston was great! Perfect voice for our client, nailed the direction, even got some tricky pronunciations right on the first try! Looking forward to hopefully using him on our next project!!" - Forum One

"Working with Preston was great, very fast, and flexible. Thanks!" - Fruit Punch Media

"Preston was great to work with and got the tone just right for our project. I would definitely use him again." - CU Joint Marketing Group

"Very fast turnaround. Excellent quality!" - Shanghai East Ladder

"Great job! Looking forward to working with you again." - Yorke Communications

"Preston nailed our character voiceover need. He was super easy and friendly to work with and had a very fast turnaround. Quality was fantastic and he had all the right range for the specific asks from us on the VO read. Hope we can work together again in the future!" - Scott Paull, Torchy's Tacos

"It was great working with Preston! He has a really nice voice for online learning, is communicative throughout the project, and has a fast turnaround." - WHRO Learning


"Preston absolutely nailed his voiceover for my video project and I will definitely be using him again for future projects." - Hoosier Energy

"Preston was fast, thorough, and delivered great quality with an impressive range (this was a multiple-character request). Even with a few tricky instructions, there was no need for explanation or direction. He nailed it first time, but provided that little bit extra that makes editing so much easier. It is always a thrill to work with someone whose enthusiasm is so apparent in their work, and who shows up and delivers a quality that pushes your project to a higher level. Highly recommended." - Otago Computing

"Excellent in all aspects. Very professional, fast response, feedback and turnaround. My website videos sound great!" - Alex Chalunkal

"Preston Ellis is someone I would gladly work with again. He was very well equipped and trained to handle anything I gave him as a direction. Delightful to work with. I cannot speak more highly of my experience working with him." - Bob Durkin

"Preston was great! Very easy to work with and quick turn times! Much appreciated!" - Lane Media and Productions

"Preston was very quick and took my revision notes well! I had a great experience working with him and will definitely return for future projects." - Caroline Weaver 

"Prestor was great to work with. Super fast, great with all the changes we requested and great with communication. Definitely the kind of person you want to work with." - Shane Tucker

"Preston is a pro — excellent communicator, nailed the directions, and easy to work with." - Eric Ro

"Wow! Really quick turnaround time and very professional work. I'd be happy to work with him again." - Agnew and Associates

"Preston is as articulate as he is professional, demonstrating a combination of knowledge, maturity and naturalness rarely heard across any broadcasting platform. He takes on projects with extreme vigor, and from our collaborations, it’s always apparent that he’s the most enthusiastic personality in the room!" 

- Oleh Kosel, Editor to

Want help with your sound? 

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